Eryk Ulanowski of local firm Studio Ulanowski has transformed a 1,450-square-foot penthouse into a gorgeous modern apartment for a jewelry designer who splits her time between London and Hong Kong.

For the remodel, the owner requested the two-story space to feature three bedrooms with attached baths, multi-functional common areas, as well as an plenty of bespoke furniture and .

The cabinetry in the kitchen flows into the living area. Here, the dining table can be linked and extended to accommodate up to 12 guests.

“The challenging part of the project was the lengthy research and development of all the be bespoke items. But with a great team and lots of determination, the project turned out beautifully,” says Ulanowski.

Glass vases by Michael Ruh, and ceramic vases by Daniel Reynolds, both for The New Craftsmen.

With extraordinary features such as a blue anodized staircase and neon glass art sculptures by an award-winning artist, the home now oozes style and sophistication. 

Cabinetry by Bhuva Construction, handles by A&H Brass, and gray terrazzo worktop by Diespeker.

To get this new look, Ulanowski completely redesigned the floor plan, and wove industrial-chic elements into the decor concept. The original walls in the main living area were removed, and the dining room and were merged into one large, open space. 

In total, construction costs—including all finished, fitted, and loose furniture—came in at just under $873,500.

Tableware by James & Tilla Waters for The Craftsmen, and glassware by Jochen Holz for The New Craftsmen.

Oak dining table by Woud, and oak chairs by Gareth Neal for The New Craftsmen.

Sideboard by Sebastian Cox for The New Craftsmen.

The eye-catching metallic blue staircase was produced by Joe Faller Fabrications.

“We wanted it to be precision made with industrial materials, but to have an etherial iridescence that was soft to the touch. Through a long process of research and development with the fabricators, we created a finish that would do just this,” says Ulanowski.

Ulanowski worked with a number of talented artisans and fabricators to create the many bespoke items such as the staircase, glass art, chairs, bed frames, and tableware.

Bed by Pedro da Costa Felgueiras for The New Craftsmen; vintage 60s Lita lights from 1stDibs. 

Cedar wood timber slate partition by the project’s main contractor, Bhuva Construction.

Zelliges Chacours tiles by Emery et Cie.

Royal System desk and shelving in walnut and brass.

 A desk in the girl’s bedroom with a chair by Pedro da Costa Felgueiras for The New Craftsmen.

A look at the lower-level floor plan.

Here is the upper-level floor plan.


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